PLM Worker

AboutThe Product

PLM worker is a framework that allows corporations to convert and transform CAD and Non-CAD contents data residing in Windchill to various other formats by transferring them to the PLM Worker remote server.

Download PLM Worker Brochure

.Once conversion or manipulation takes place on the remote server, the framework will automatically package the resulting contents and send them back to Windchill. In Windchill, the results could be further processed using one of several plug-ins that we provide or you could write your own plug-ins as well as you see fit.

Some example scenarios when you might want to use the PLM Worker

  1. Convert Non CAD worker supported document types such as Visio to PDF and publish the PDF as representation with thumbnail.
  2. Convert Non CAD worker supported CAD types such as AutoCAD to PDF and publish the PDF as representation with thumbnail.
  3. Generate IGES, STEP other formats files from assemblies and serve to users.
  4. Extract and update attributes of EPMDocuments
  5. Do print or batch print from PLM Worker server
  6. Execute anything that CAD worker can do in real-time or queued mode. For example, generate viewable for assemblies in real-time. You will be able to view the log of the processing in WVS monitor.
  7. When CAD worker is not enough


PLM Worker has Windchill component and Cad Worker component. Below you can see how a request flows through the PLM Worker